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அண்மைய பதிவுகள்

BigPay prepaid Mastercard®

Save time and money where it matters with BigPay.

BigPay is the future of payments and money in Southeast Asia. We have combined the convenience of a mobile app with the flexibility of a prepaid Mastercard® to allow you to save time and money.

- REAL EXCHANGE RATE when paying abroad
- EASY EXPENSE TRACKING right from the app
- AIRASIA BIG POINTS with daily transactions

Sign up in 5 minutes
Download the app. Tell us about yourself. Verify your identity. Add money to your account and… That’s it! The card will arrive in 5 to 7 working days.

Pay the real exchange rate
When you’re abroad, pay with BigPay in the local currency and always get the best exchange rate - without the fees. No more queuing up to change money or getting ripped off by credit cards.

Transfer money for free
Transferring money is exactly 3 taps away from the home screen. We’ve counted. And your friend receives it instantly, which saves everyone a ton of time.

Savings on AirAsia bookings
The only card that saves you money on your flight booking, pre-booked baggage, and meals. On top of that, BigPay users often get access to exclusive sales!

Track your expenses
All your expenses are automatically tracked and categorised within the app. So at the end of the month, you know exactly how much you’ve spent and where.

Earn BIG Points everyday
Any transaction with BigPay will earn you BIG points that you can use to redeem flights and perks on

Security disclaimer: BigPay is a financial institution regulated by Bank Negara with the latest security protocols including fingerprint and facial recognition to verify your identity. Read our Tips for Security (at and in the BigPay App) to learn how you can safeguard your account details and transactions to prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud.

Note: the BigPay card is only available for Malaysian residents at this time.

Use the referral code: B5VLTDFDJF while registration and get RM10 for free
Download App

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